Saturday, April 15, 2017

We Check On The Snow

South Lake Road track link

We decided to fill an ebird gap and do our normal snowshoe route to North and Grass Lakes.  We didn’t make it one hundred feet before we gave up.  What used to be the trail was covered with steep windblown snow some of which was compacted nicely, some of which was just waiting to slide off.

Time for Plan B.  Off we went to walk the road to South Lake.  When we last did it three or so weeks ago, it was easy.  The snow was nicely mashed down and we just walked.  This time in spite of one attempt by the county to start clearing the road, we walked in wet refrozen ankle twisting snow, and eventually had to give up and put on snow shoes.  Our easy day wasn’t so easy.

The snow situation has changed some.  Below 8600’ the snow had melted with just some patchy stuff left.  At 9500’ there is more snow.  Lots more snow.  We are talking 2-3 feet more snow.  Spring won’t come early in the high country. 

South Lake has been emptied down to the bottom of the dam to make room for snow melt. It is spooky looking with all the cracked ice and snow.

The outhouse at South Lake parking lot is completely buried

The now mostly empty South Lake under snow and ice

Cracked ice from draining the reservoir

The power lines should by 20'ish feet above Susan's head

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