Monday, June 13, 2016

We Have Ice Cream for Breakfast

Day 59 - June 3
Mile: 788.3 to 793.5
up/down: 1700/1475

Today was resupply day with our friend Chris bringing food over Kearsarge Pass. Not only did Chris do this but he started hiking from the Onion Valley trailhead so early that he made the 7.5 miles to the meeting spot before we got there at 7am, and we only had to walk a half mile! We spent a couple hours talking trail and birds, and generally enjoying the company. Chris brought two foot-long Subway sandwiches so we were set for lunch and dinner. And the most amazing of all was the pint of ice cream he packed in for Susan managing to keep frozen. We had ice cream for breakfast and it was awesome! Chris, we really appreciate all you did for us today. Thank you!!

And we hiked! With such an early meeting we had time to tackle another pass- this time the 12000 foot Glen Pass. It was spectacular in every way with incredible views and challenging snow hiking on exposed slopes. It was slow going but we made it and descended to Rae Lakes on the north side. We've been at it hard for the week so decided to pull in to lower Rae Lake and call it a day. Stopping early afternoon gave us a chance to bathe and do laundry in the delightful warm afternoon sun (the lake is literally ice cold!). We need a little rest and are ahead of schedule. We may even take another short day tomorrow. We have the food and time, and this is some of the most spectacular scenery we will encounter. No reason to blast through!

Ascending Glen Pass 

Looking north. Our descent path is on the right 

Back to the south 

Walking the exposed slope 

Susan now looks for every opportunity to glissade!

Glen Pass 

Doing laundery. No soap is use and this is truly a cold water rinse! 

 View from camp. Glen Pass is on the right. 


  1. Well, I'm thankful I didn't have to endure any bathing picks. I mean, you know, the last thing I need is, well never mind. Anyway, that Chris is the man. You guys must be well liked because at every turn there's a helping hand right there. And thanks for keeping it the focus on the fun stuff. I gotta imagine the nights were soooo cold up there.

  2. Great shot of the Painted Lady. A favorite spot.