Sunday, June 26, 2016

Better View Desired

Day 81 - June 25
Mile: 1034.2 to 1053.2
up/down: 3325/4025

New Alpine county birds: Sooty Grouse, Mountain Quail, Hermit Warbler, Calliope Hummingbird, and Pacific-slope Flycatcher 

Yesterday's views were somewhat pedestrian for the Sierra. We hoped for better today and we sure got it. Plenty of snow on the trail to start the day in the dark recesses of the forest. We worked our way to Wolf Creek Pass and on to another unnamed and much higher pass in the crest.

From the pass to the road at Ebbetts Pass was fun hiking and fantastic scenery. And once across the road the views and flowers just kept getting better.  We made 19 miles today in sometimes challenging conditions and are still on track for Tahoe on Monday. Hopefully we can knock out a 20 tomorrow and seal the deal. 


Please excuse the brevity for this post as we had way too much fun chatting around the campfire with Tall Boy and Bulldog (a young lady we just met today from New Jersey). It's already well past hiker midnight and we need some sleep.