Monday, June 27, 2016

Magic Everywhere Near Tahoe

Day 83 - June 27
Mile: 1073.0 to 1090.0
up/down: 2500/3375

Up and at 'em early we climbed out of Forestdale Canyon almost immediately. Our next destination in just a few miles was Carson Pass on Highway 88. We knew that our friends Chris and Rosie had passed that spot the night before and hoped for a chance encounter with us. They did not know that we stopped short of the pass at the only decent camping and after 20 didn't have the energy to continue. After waiting a while they left a care package on a trail sign with our name on it. It was still there this morning and we definitely enjoyed. Thanks C & R !


The Carson Pass Visitors Center is super hiker friendly. The staff just couldn't do enough for the three of us (Tall Boy was there too). They showered us with coffee, snacks, and conversation. We spent an enjoyable hour. 

With a date for town food we pushed on through the remaining 14 miles between Carson Pass and Echo Summit on Hwy 50 into South Lake Tahoe. There was a bunch of snow but we still managed to make it to the highway by 3pm. It only took 15 minutes to get a ride (I had my "Hikers to Town" sign and Susan smiled and stuck out her thumb). Mike, who is a hiker and lives in SLT stopped for the pathetic looking vagabonds. He was very friendly and took us right to the outfitter where our resupply box was waiting. Thank you Mike!

A short walk down the road got us to the Apex Motel and Lake Tahoe Pizza Company directly across the road. We were set for the evening. 

Speaking of Tall Boy, it has been such a pleasure to hike and camp with this young man from Cleveland for the last 10 days. Besides being there to help me get Susan across a hard river crossing many days ago, he has just been good company. I hope we stay around him going forward. 


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