Sunday, June 26, 2016

Between The Passes

Day 82 - June 26
Mile: 1053.2 to 1073.0
up/down: 3950/4100

New Alpine county bird: White-headed Woodpecker 

We got our 20 miles and paid for it with 4000 feet of climbing. A ten hour effort that got us within 17 miles of highway 50 and a hitch into Tahoe. Showers, laundry, and town food await so you can be sure we're up and out early tomorrow. 

The scenery continued to impress today as we moved along the crest between Ebbetts and Carson Passes. Mid morning we went through a gap in the crest and dropped into what my map tells me is the upper reaches of Pleasant Valley. Continuing on we passed through a lakes basin outside the wilderness complete with cars and a few people. Coming to "civilization" like this can sometimes bring a surprise. Today it was a handful of sodas left in an ice cold creek next to the trail. Magic like this is fun and nice. I will pack my empty can to the next trash, I hope all hikers do the same. 

Pushing on out of the lakes basin we crossed a paved road complete with much Sunday afternoon traffic heading home from Blue Lakes. Spend enough days in the wilderness and just a little traffic can be intimidating. Up we went again to the crest this time passing Lost Lakes and crossing at the Forestdale Divide. We are camped a couple miles below on Forestdale Creek in a lovely canyon. Town tomorrow!



  1. We celebrated our anniversary today by bringing two of the four grandkids back to Bishop. We stopped at the top of Carson Pass to stretch legs. Minutes after stopping, several PCT ers came into view. We asked the first two, Hangman and a man from Germany if they'd seen you and they yes, just an hour behind. So we hung around for awhile hoping we'd literally run into you two. Around 6pm we had to go but left you a note and a small surprise on the sign in the middle of the trail. Hope you find it tomorrow morning, Monday, June 27. Incredible mileage you are making.

    1. Well darn! If we'd have known we would have kept going for sure! Hopefully we find your note when we get there in a little while. Thanks!