Monday, June 13, 2016

The High Sierra

Day 56 - May 31
Mile: 741.8 to 760.5
up/down: 2425/2600 feet 

We are now truly in the High Sierra. We hiked for the first time above 11000 feet elevation and passed our first 14000 foot mountain. And to top it off we finished the day at a real river, one that requires some thought to get across. 

We left our camp along Diaz Creek and climbed to the crest above Horseshoe Meadow where we intersected three different passes across from divide: Mulkey, Trail, and Cottonwood Passes - all above 10000 feet with Cottonwood topping out at 11100 feet. From there it was up a little more to our first alpine lake - Chicken Spring Lake. We did our first real snow hiking in this section, nothing too serious but requiring attention to footing and route finding. That's just the start of much more to come. 

Horseshoe Meadow  

Chicken Spring Lake  

Chicken Spring Lake 

After "first lunch" at the lake we traversed to the north with spectacular views of Siberian Outpost, the Boreal Plateau, the Kaweah group of mountains, and other views enough to take your breath away. Toward the end of the afternoon we passed Mount Langley, our first 14000 footer. There will be plenty more to come. We descended the ridge and finished the day at the snowmelt swollen Rock Creek. Thankfully we scouted around and found a safe log crossing for tomorrow morning. We dodged the bullet on this one but that won't happen often. There will be plenty of opportunities to get wet in the coming days. 

Big Whitney Meadow  

Siberian Outpost and Boreal Plateau  

Mt Langley 

Rock Creek  

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  1. And more terrific shots as always. Yes, snow and river far so good.