Monday, June 13, 2016


Day 66 - June 10
Mile: 870.5 to 874.5 plus 7.2 mile Bear Ridge Trail to VVR
up/down: 1250/2850 feet

New trip birds: Black-backed Woodpecker, Lincoln Sparrow 

New Fresno County birds: Black-backed Woodpecker, White-headed Woodpecker 

Today is resupply day at Vermilion Valley Resort at the dam end of Lake Edison. We hiked on this morning following Bear Creek for a couple miles before climbing Bear Ridge. Once on top the Bear Ridge Trail took off to the west and got us to the resort. There are showers and laundry, and a restaurant for our first sit down dinner in a while. We will be out if here in the morning and back on the trail. I was hoping to get the blog updated but the internet here is too slow and way too pricey. 

Yellow-legged Mountain Frog 

Lake Edison was virtually empty after years of drought. It still has a ways to go but is filling back up.  

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