Wednesday, December 27, 2017

Lightner Peak

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Paul organized another Any Day Hiker adventure with many options.  We choose the option where we were dropped off along old state road out of Lake Isabella, climbed 4000' up Lightner Peak trail, summited the peak, and then walked down a mile and a half and only 500' down to where the cars were parked.  Yes, Paul and BJ drove another hour and a half after they dropped us off to create a shorter option to summit Lightner Peak saving us the quad busting downhill.  Nice, very nice.

Photo courtesy of Paul Decker

Photo courtesy of Paul Decker

AD Hikers did this hike up and back from old state in May, during an unexpected heat wave.  They said it was brutal with highs in the 90s.  We had high temperatures in 60s.  It was a workout granted, with the 4000' climb, but a very pleasant one.

Mountain Manzanita trunks

Much to our disappointment, when you get to Lightner Peak, you are in trees and lose all your views.  Good thing we stopped to catch our breath on the way up and look down at Isabella.  It was a nice view, if somewhat marred by the smoke from the southern California fires.

The view on the summit of Lightner.  Photo courtesy of Paul Decker

Lake Isabella

We were in chaparral most of the day, and had the expected species, including wrentit, which somehow was a new year bird for me in Kern.  The trees near the top were interesting and included mature Piute Cypress, which is a range restricted plant occurring mainly in this area in Kern County.

Piute Cypress

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