Saturday, December 9, 2017

Klinker Mountain

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Bob and I did another fun hike to a new area with the Any Day hiker group.  Paul put together a set of routes to allow people of all abilities to explore a small part of the Golden Valley Wilderness. 

Our happy hiking crew.  Photo courtesy of Paul Decker.
We chose to do the long hike that bagged Klinker Mountain, then wandered back via some petroglyphs.

We had a bit more wind than we would have liked, which made our snack break (thank you for the cookies Rachael) on the top of Klinker Mountain shorter than it might have been, and forced us to sit on the lee side.  These are the same winds fueling the raging fires in southern California.  For us, it was just a bit cold. 

We then meandered over to the petroglyphs and after duly appreciating them and some old mine remains we had lunch.  And more cookies.  Thank you Brian.

Yes, hiking is tough work.

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  1. Nice to see this area. I have been noticing this year that this area has been getting rain quite often.