Sunday, December 24, 2017

A Leap of Faith

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Faith, well it is approaching Christmas so this sounds like an appropriate theme.

Today's hike had us heading to Lamont Point.  I choose it as it is somewhere we had never been, not too long a drive in holiday traffic, and only a short scramble off trail.  I convinced Bob it was the hike for us.  Then I read that to reach the summit block you have to leap across a 3' gap and the consequences of missing the landing are bad, very bad.  I was now having second thoughts, not being a big fan of heights and of falling off.

The first four and a half miles or so are on the PCT heading south out of Chimney Peak campground, so a nice trail with a good grade.  Then we picked a logical place to leave the trail and headed up using bear and deer trails to avoid the worst of the rocks and scrub oaks.  Just a final scramble up to the summit block to have a look at this leap.  We looked and we decided not to attempt it.  Faith is all well and good, but without the good works involved in the leap, it is nothing.  Age does have its advantages and for us today that was wisdom.

We wish you happy holidays and a wonderful new year.

Sawtooth Peak

Colorful lichen

Almost there

The leap of faith point and a partial view of where you end up on the left if you miss
Even the USGS agreed that this was close enough

A juniper with berries

Lamont Point

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