Thursday, April 11, 2019

Super Bloom Part 2 - Local Canyons

Mary Austin's Land of Little Rain describes the area where we live, unbearable heat and dryness punctuated by violent storms.  And sometimes it is that way.  Other years we get rain from winter storms, and then the glory of desert flowers.  Ephemeral and lovely.  This was one of those years.  

Indian Wells Canyon

Indian Paintbrush
Evening Snow
Gila and Coreopsis

Charlotte's Phacilia.  One of my favorites.

Argus Mountains

Yes, there is a waterfall when it has rained.


Our sunny day ended with rain just as we got to the car.

Golden Valley Wilderness

Desert Candles

Blue Dicks


Caterpillar Phacilia and Coreopsis

Snake Heads

Dark-eyed Evening Primrose

Short Canyon



We had a lovely day flower peeping with our friend Terri.

Grapevine Canyon -- where we would hike the next day.

Grapevine Canyon

Loco weed

Chandler and Bobby at the arch
Chandler and Bobby at the arch

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