Monday, June 26, 2017

Loch Leven Lake

We admired the views up the valley towards Piute Pass during our winter snowshoe outings.  Finally, we decided to get a closer look.  

Our first obstacle was the road to North Lake.  It is closed due to flooding.  We waded across.  The creek crossing further up was a raging torrent.  We bush whacked around.

We didn't plan to get all the way to the pass as we knew there was still drifts of snow back there, but we figured we could get to Loch Leven Lake.  And we did.  We made such good time that we were too early to have lunch while we admired the view.  What to do?  A group of backpackers told us the waterfall a half mile up the valley was very nice, so we headed up to have a look.  It was lovely.

Looking back towards Loch Leven
We returned via Grass Lake. Crossing the outlet stream is usually a hop and skip on a log and rock or two. With the huge snow melt ongoing it was a bit more of a challenge. 

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