Friday, June 2, 2017

Crowley Columns

Paul organized a day trip visiting several spots of interest.  This Any Day Hiker trip had a great turnout as it had short walks and was on a weekend.  We joined up for the second half of the day and finally got to see the Crowley Columns.  We have seen them through our scope when looking at birds, but had never been over to see them up close.  They were interesting in a weird concrete mixture sort of way.  A link to how they were formed can be accessed here:  Crowley Columns


Yes, I know this isn't a column, but it is a very cool lizard.  This is a gravid long nosed leopard lizard.  She gets very colorful as she is about to lay eggs.  If you look closely you can see at the rear of her belly a round shape which is an egg.

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  1. I really like this place. Amazing scenery. Still loving your blog!!!