Tuesday, June 13, 2017

Coyote Plateau

Map track link (there are a few bad data points in this track that mess things up a little. But overall it's legible. Ignore the long straight line from Funnel Lake to Baker Lake)

As the raven flies, the Coyote Plateau is but a short jaunt from Bishop Creek.  Most folks access it via a series of dirt roads.  We aren't most folks, so we decided to check out the lakes in the area before the snow melted out and vehicles came in.  We weren't expecting much, and were pleasantly surprised by the beauty of some of the lakes.  We also really enjoyed having an area all to ourselves.  Yes, we didn't see another soul until the final mile on our way out.

Our friend Terri dropped us off at Habeggers (South Fork) and we headed up towards Lookout Mountain and then via a series of dirt roads and cross county hiking visited Coyote, Rocky Bottom, Funnel, Baker and Hidden Lakes.  Then out to Glacier Lodge (Big Pine Creek) where our friend Bill picked us up and took us home.  Thanks Terry and Bill!!

Day 2

Day 3


  1. Beautiful, beautiful scenery. Snow certainly highlights the mountain's curves.
    Good bridge at the end, or.....
    Yellow flowers look like violet cousins.
    My driving day after dropping you off, took me to frozen-over South Lake, freezing wind and a marmot and then on to Mammoth, June Lake Loop and Lee Vining giving me glimpse of flooded forests, creeks running fast and wide, snow on mountains and blooming bushes and few wild flowers. Glad I got an early start to my day! Thanks.

    1. They are violets. And thank you so much for the lift.