Wednesday, June 28, 2017

A Circuitous Route to McGee Mountain

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We have been trying to pick hikes that don't involve the possibility of drowning.  Yep, the streams are full right now.

Susan noticed a small unnamed lake by Mt Morrison that we could scramble to.  Then more cross country and we could climb McGee Mountain and come back via the old mine road. This sounds more romantic than it actually was.  Most of the day we spent fighting through the brush or even more tiring walking down the old mine road.  The views were worth it though, and we will do it again, after our scratched legs heal.

Mono Jim Peak and the ridge we will go up

Looking at back at Convict Lake

Heading up to McGee Mountain

Almost at the top
The view from McGee Mountain

Looking back at McGee Mountain

Looking down at Crowley Lake

The road we came down is visible on the left