Thursday, June 29, 2017

Big Pine Lakes Loop

In our effort to keep our feet dry, or at least not drown this summer, we decided to head up to Glacier Lodge and go to Second Lake in the Big Pine Lakes as we knew the stream crossings are bridged.  Our first stop was Lon Chaney's cabin.  The cabin was built back in the late 20's.  The forest service has used the cabin as a back country ranger station.  Now it lies empty.   LA Times article on the cabin

We made great time to Second Lake.  It was lovely -- turquoise water and towering rocks.  The water color is due to the glaciers in the area.  After chatting with a young landscape photographer, we decided to press on to Third Lake.  It was also beautiful.  Now we were about half way done with the loop.  At Fifth Lake we had lunch with a view.  No more turquoise water, but snow covered mountains towering over the lake.  Two Eagle Peak dominates and Cloud Ripper is also in full view.  Cloud Ripper was much more scenic from Baker Lake.  Fourth Lake and Black Lake are not much to look at, but we headed back that way.  We had nice views across the valley and didn't see a soul.

Lon Chaney's Cabin

First Lake

Second Lake and Temple Crag

Near Third Lake

Fifth Lake

Two Eagle Peak and Cloud Ripper

Fourth Lake

Black Lake

First Lake from across the valley

Temple Crag

South Fork

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