Sunday, September 11, 2016

Washington, We Are Sure You Are Beautiful...

Day 155 - September 7 (Happy birthday to our son Bobby!)
Mile: 2491.1 to 2508.8 (17.7)
up/down: 3800/5800 feet 

... if we could just see more of you. Another day in the clouds after a night of heavy rain. Thankfully the rain let up in the morning and let us get packed and hike through lunch before returning for the afternoon. 

Sunrise from camp 

We hiked from Lake Sally Ann and continued along the ridge. We had a few glimpses as the clouds moved around and occasionally broke up to see some mountains. Just before lunch we passed through White Pass and the sun emerged from the clouds. We quickly threw down the packs and grabbed lunch fixings. I even set the tent out to dry. Minutes later a cloud ate us and it was drizzling again. Ugh.

We continued up along the ridge and crossed the ridge over Red Pass. Here we were in true alpine habitat again. If it would have been clearer we may have seen Glacier Peak and some of the many glaciers in this area. 

Then the quad busting big descent from our high point near 6500 feet all the way down to 3700 feet in just a few miles. The canyon we dropped into had glacier fed creeks and awesome rain forest habitat. With another big climb coming, a steady drizzle falling, and no sure camping ahead, we bailed a little early. Camp chores were mostly finished before any serious rain fell. That is supposed to come later tonight. 

We ran into a couple of the young people we've hiked with off and on since Oregon again last night and today. As they are pushing on farther than us today we may not see them again. Thanks Sweet P and Mogli for the good times, you are both nice to be around. 


We passed the 2500 mile mark shortly after lunch. Only 150 miles to go!

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  1. The moss-laden rocks and trees are fairyland to this "desert rat". Comes at a cost, though.....