Sunday, September 11, 2016

The Last Stop

Day 159 - September 11
Mile: 2565.3 to 2569.4 (4.1)
up/down: 750/1300 feet

It was pretty easy walking as we headed from camp to the bus stop at the High Bridge ranger station just inside Northern Cascade National Park. During the summer the bus makes 4 trips a day moving hikers to and from the ranger station and the little town of Stehekin. The bus came shortly after we arrived and we are on our way. 


First stop is the world famous Stehekin Bakery two miles from the lodge. Of course we dive in with the rest of the hikers and bought a few thousand calories worth of goodness. 

The final stop was at the landing, the hub of visitor activity inside the Lake Chelan National Recreation Area. There is a lodge, cabins, restaurant, small store, park service visitor center, and boat landing. 


Stehekin is an interesting place. There are less than 100 permanent residents spread out through the valley. The only way to get here, at the north end of the 50 mile long Lake Chelan, is by foot, float plane or ferry ride. There are two ferries with the quickest being 2.5 hours. The lake itself is gorgeous set in a deep glacial valley. 

I made a mad dash on arrival to the lodge and luckily secured the last available room. Showers and a soft bed for us tonight. We arrived on Sunday, the only day of the week the post office is closed. So our resupply package will have to wait until 10:00 am tomorrow. Then we'll catch the bus and be on the trail by noon. There are 80.7 tough hiking miles left to the border monument, then 8 more miles to Manning Provincial Park in British Columbia. There my good friend Kwan from Vancouver will whisk us away from the trail for good. 


  1. So glad to see the views. You are smart and quick to secure a room. Glad the bakery was a treat. Yum.
    Again, I am so glad for your restful overnight and calories!

  2. Yay for a shower, bed, and food! I'm glad you got the room. Less than 100 miles to go! Wow! You guys are amazing. Priscilla

  3. Post at least that you are done and safely on your way home. Awesome to follow you both. Be safe.

  4. Post at least that you are done and safely on your way home. Awesome to follow you both. Be safe.