Monday, September 5, 2016

That Was Steep

Day 152 - September 4
Mile: 2442.2 to 2457.4 (15.2)
up/down: 4500/4300 feet

The altitude profile today was like a sawtooth with really steep sides. It was some of the steepest grades we've seen on the trail. One mile half mile long section was at 2000 feet per mile grade. Others were similar. By the time we quit our legs were wobbly from the effort. At least it didn't rain. 


What we could see of the mountains today around the low clouds looked quite stunning. Hopefully the days ahead will give us more good views.

We couldn't make the Stevens Pass ski lodge before closing time so stopped a few miles out at Susan Jane Lake. After a relatively calm day the wind picked up to a gusty gale as we pitched the tent. Sometimes I wonder if we'll catch a break at all in the northern cascades. We'll head in to the lodge first thing, get our box and hopefully something to eat, then continue on. 

We did pass 2450 today so have less than 200 miles to go. Depending on weather and terrain, September 14 or 15 is looking likely for a finish. 


  1. What are the number of hikers on the trail compared to other sections?

  2. There are lots of section hikers now doing Washington pieces. We're still slightly ahead of the heard of PCT thru hikers. There are about 10 thru hikers here with us at Stevens Pass getting resupply.

  3. Wow, 2450 miles. When Steve said, "There are new posts!" I ran to my iPad to read up and look at your amazing photos. What are we going to do when you are all done? ;-)

    1. Rest and eat. Then go to New Zealand. 😀

  4. New Zealand? Cool. I love living vicariously through your adventures. I am so glad you posted and so glad for the map to know you are safe. Stay warm and dry and looking forward to your posts when you get to Rainy Pass.

  5. Awesome rough country. Hard hiking, though. Karen and I were wishing that this last hard part had the friends and stops available like at the beginning. Sigh... One thing for sure is that you will now have lifetime bragging right and stories galore. Love!!

  6. Beautiful country and pictures! Woo-hoo...almost done!

    Sandi Collins

  7. Just in case you didn't know and didn't get info on your cell - Stehekin PO open Sat. 12-2, weekdays 10-4.

  8. Looked up Stehekin. I want to go there! What a place!

  9. Only four more days of walking. Rain shadow in the next section should help keep you dry. I hope you have a nice rest at Stehekin today. Can't wait to see your name on the following page soon.
    Sending all my love and good thoughts for courage and strength for the next few days. I will grab my massage table and work on you both when you return. <3