Monday, September 5, 2016

Car Wash

Day 150 - September 2
Mile: 2408.9 to 2425.3 (16.4)
up/down: 3600/4350 feet

Water from above as a steady downpour nearly all day. Water from below as flooded trails and a knee deep creek crossing with washed away bridge. Water from the sides as saturated overgrown vegetation hangs over the trail. It all adds up to a serious car wash day as we try and continue north. At least we're saving money on sunscreen. 

We got a late start, waiting for the rain to let up briefly so we could throw our stuff in the packs and move out. All the wet things add to the pack weight- our shelter which normally comes in at just over a pound is over two as the soggy thing is rolled and stuffed in its bag. We are diligent about keeping our sleeping clothes and bags absolutely dry as this is critical to staying warm. Our poncho/pack covers work very well at keeping most of us and our packs dry while we walk. 

Hummingbird is like a cat thrown into a swimming pool - cussing the rain, the rain gods, the overgrown trail, and Washington in general. She talks to a hiker we know who lives in northern Washington and says this is actually a pretty nice day. Hummingbird scoffs. There is no doubt she is a desert rat and would melt if forced to live in rain country. 

Today is another huge up and down from one canyon to another. We catch a break for a few minutes as we reach the high point on our climb and the clouds partially lift for a peek-a-boo view at the mountains around us. This would be spectacular in good weather. Maybe tomorrow, but I'm not holding my breath. 



  1. The photos are still pretty spectacular. The rains are not predicted to be as bad for the next few days. I hope you keep those cat claws trimmed, she can be vicious when wet. ;)

  2. We can almost hear Susan down here. Your cat in a swimming pool is such an excellent analogy. We are laughing. I love the look of the deep wet forest and will visit, but not stay.

  3. "Car Wash" sounds so very descriptive along with your narrative. Drip, drip, slosh, slosh.