Monday, September 5, 2016

Any Hiking Day With No Rain is a Good Day

Day 151 - September 3
Mile: 2425.3 to 2442.2 (16.9)
up/down: 4350/2900 feet

It rains all night, all night. We ignore the alarm as rain pounds the tent. Finally around 7:00 it lets up enough that we consider moving. I heat water in the tent vestibule, a rarity for sure. We drink coffee and tea while waiting. When it stops completely we make a mad dash to get packed up and on the trail. As hard as we've worked to keep the inside stuff dry there is the dampness that two solid days and nights of rain can't avoid. Oh but for some sun to dry things out ...

Another hard day in store as we climb out of the valley toward Cathedral Pass. The late start means we won't make big miles today but that's okay. I planned this section at just over 17 miles per day and we're still on track even with the rain. As we climb we see a few patches of blue and are thrilled for no rain since we left camp. Near the pass Susan spots a flat spot with dry rocks to sit on for a lunch break. While we're there the sun pokes out with enough intensity that we quickly explode the packs and start drying. The sun stays out for half an hour and we are grateful. When we pack up most everything is dry again, especially our tent and bags. Life is good. 

We reach the pass a short time later as the clouds form again on the crest. Quickly we scamper down the other side into a lovely valley. We have fun picking our way across a cascading creek that plunges out of a narrow notch from some unseen cirque above. 

And then it's up to Deception Pass, a low ridge at the end of the valley. Dropping over the other side we consider our options. The clouds are thickening again so continuing up toward Piper Pass seems foolish. There is a creek with camping close by and we bail.  Just as camp chores are done and dinner is made the big rain drops start falling. But we're not hiking and snug in the tent so we can live with it.  

With 18 miles and more big climbs left to our next resupply at Stevens Pass it's unlikely we'll try and get there tomorrow evening. We'll probably pull up short and stop the next morning. There isn't much to this resupply stop, just a small ski area that is mostly closed up in summer. Luckily they do accept resupply boxes so we don't have to hitch to town. Only one more resupply after this. 

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  1. Rugged and green. At least you know you are guaranteed sun, dry and warm when you get home. And that is coming up soon!