Thursday, May 4, 2017

What the wind allows

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We wanted to get a bit of exercise and fill an ebird gap.  Strong and gusty north winds were blowing at home, and further south the winds were strong out of the south.  What to do?  We split the difference and headed to Short Canyon.  

We started the morning with a rattlesnake on the road.  A good reminder to watch where we put our hands and feet.
It was a good choice.  The wind was fairly calm.  Many species of flower were still blooming, including dudleya which the Sonora Blue butterfly lays its eggs on.  No butterfly, but the plant was nice. We had 34 species of birds and added five to the list, bringing the total to 100 (99 have been ebirded).  The new five birds were phainopepla, common yellowthroat, chipping sparrow, black headed grosbeak, and gray flycatcher.  And we got home in time to get a bunch of chores done.

salvia dorrii

beavertail cactus

bush mimulus

sulfur flower buckwheat
morning glory

desert dandylion

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