Wednesday, May 24, 2017

The Bridge At The Little Kern River

Paul organized another hike.  This one going to the suspension bridge on the Little Kern River.  Since we didn't know there was a little Kern River or a suspension bridge over it, we decided to join the group and check out a new area.

The bridge was built in 1957 to replace one that was swept away during a high water year.  And this is a year when hikers really need a bridge.

Round trip we did 11 or so miles which was quite an accomplishment in the heat; it was 86 when we got back to the car.  This area is crisscrossed with trails, so further exploration here is possible.

Western hounds tongue, Cynoglossum occidentale



Mountain Pride Penstemon newberryi

What remains of the old bridge is on the flat rock

Now that's a bridge

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