Sunday, March 20, 2016


The last of the snowshoeing season was upon us, so Bob, Hiking Bill and I did a couple trips by Bishop. On both days we had to hike for several miles to find the snow.

On the first day we had ski tracks to follow up to Grass Lake. Then our skiers abandoned us and headed up to Lamarck Col. Way too expert for us. We contented ourselves with a lovely lunch while staring at the snow covered mountains. On the way down we had plenty of snow and most of it was at an annoying angle.  Bob was breaking trail when the hard surface gave way and he slid down into the powder. He struggled to get back to his feet, thrashing around to create a hard surface so he could stand again. Things we take for granted on dry ground are much harder in deep snow.


The view from Grass Lake

The next day we decided to head to Blue Lake. We should have been forewarned by the descent from Grass Lake but we didn't manage to learn anything from that experience. We made it less than half a mile. The trail was not a nice flat ribbon. Instead, it was covered with deep snow at a forty five degree angle and it was hard work to side hill. So, I let Bob lead. He cut great footsteps.  Eventually the snow angle and snow cornices were dodgy enough that we decided enough was enough. We got ourselves off the hillside and picked a nice spot with a lovely view and had lunch. So ends another snowshoeing season.

The view from Lake Sabrina

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