Friday, March 18, 2016

Morris Peak

Note: We have to figure out the mobile blogging game for the trail in just a few weeks, so this post is phone generated. 

Bird List:

We had only half a day to hike and decided to knock one off from our bucket list. We had walked past Morris Peak several times on our way to Mt. Jenkins but had never managed to go up. The trailhead is at Walker Pass taking the PCT north for 4 miles before the final half mile ascent to the summit. It started off cold and windy with wind clouds crawling over the crest. By the time we made the thousand feet to the ridge the wind has mostly calmed. A noisy flock of Pinyon Jays greeted us at the turnoff to the peak. All the birds were in twos and threes appearing to be pairing up for nesting season. An Oak Titmouse sang loudly from the top of a pine. We made the final climb on a nice trail and enjoyed the view from the top. 9 miles and 2000 feet elevation gain made for a good training hike with our limited time. 

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