Monday, September 9, 2019

Yosemite Day Hikes

We have made several trips this summer into Yosemite.  Always something amazing to see.  We even got our crazy in for the year and walked down Tenaya Canyon to the valley floor with Walt.  We last did this four years ago.  Back then you could ride a bus around the valley floor.  These days the buses bear a strange resemblance to the trains in India.  Scary.  We extricated ourselves from the bus and walked.  The bus driver was right.  Less than five minutes to walk, over fifteen minutes on the bus.  Walt wants to go again later this summer.  I'm sure we'll be there.  Crazy it may be, lovely it is.

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Walt and Bob at a cabin I didn't know existed.

Bob and I also did a trip up to Parker Pass and bagged Parker Pass Lake along the way.  The last time we were in the area was back in 2014 and all I remember was too many lodgepole pines.  I have been avoiding it.  Turns out my memory is faulty.  Yes, lodgepoles are there in abundance, but also lovely views and flowers.

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Bob and I also headed up to Cathedral Lakes.  Another one of the beautiful spots in Yosemite with too many people.  Oh well.  

We took Dan and Brenda on a short hike to see some of the domes in Yosemite and to find a beautiful spot for lunch.  We succeeded on both and had a fine day showing friends the granite loveliness.

We had so much fun in the Parker Pass area that we went back with Hikin' Bill to bag Kuna Lake.  Then we got all crazy and did some boulder hopping cross-county thing and bagged Lake 11507 as well.  Fabulous views and we enjoyed all, but the lightening and rain.

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  1. Every photo just about Nat Geo quality. How do you do it! Don't know what to say but "stunning".