Friday, December 21, 2018

Zinc Hill

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Zinc Hill is at the northern end of the Argus Mountain range near Panamint Springs, and not too far from Darwin Falls and Death Valley National Park. Friend Rachel casually mentioned this as a possible hike when we were out at the Panamint Dunes.  Jim Nichols kindly provided us with the information to turn that possibility into reality. Rachel, and other friends Brian and Gina joined in for the fun.

Zinc Hill is the brown bump way in the back.

Jim sent us a map and directions explaining how by following the smart donkeys up the mountain, and the old miner's trail down, we could do a loop.  And a fine loop it is with views of the Panamint Valley, Telescope Peak, and the Sierra from Olancha to Whitney.

Vegetation was sparse, and birds even more so, with just a loggerhead shrike seen.

This area is full of old mines and mining history from the lead-silver-zinc Darwin Mining District. We've already planned at least one or two more hikes to investigate. Dinner at the Panamint Springs Resort was very enjoyable. If you haven't stopped for a meal at this little gem, you're missing out.

Rachel and Gina checking to see if we are on track.

Admiring the view behind us.

Darwin Hills, Coso Range, and a few peek a boo Sierra Peaks.

Panamint Valley and Telescope Peak.

Getting closer.

Cosos, Sierra, and Inyos.

Almost there.

A granite bump on the shoulder of Zinc that we will bag too.

The miner's trail is visible to the left of Calcite Hill.

Looking back at Zinc Hill from the granite knob.

Calcite Hill up close.

It is rather steep.

Looking back at Calcite, the Granite Knob, and Zinc Hill.
On the way home we stopped at Trona to look at the Christmas decorations.  These two neighbors did an impressive job.  We weren't the only ones stopping to look.

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  1. What a terrific day you all had. Full of wonderous sites and a good restaurant nearby, plus Xmas light galore.