Thursday, August 23, 2018

Hurd Peak Loop

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Bird Lists:
South Lake
Treasure Lakes
Margaret Lake
Long Lake

Hurd Peak at sunrise on the left
The top of Hurd Peak is a little above our climbing ability, so instead we did a hiking loop around the summit with some class 2 scrambling and incredible views. The route starts at South Lake following the Treasure Lakes trail until it plays out. From there it's cross-country to Hurd Col just below the summit and down to Margaret Lake. We stayed cross-country down the length on the west side of the overly popular Long Lake to the outlet. From there it was easy trail back to the car. Getting up and over Hurd Col takes some route-finding to avoid the abundant granite cliffs, but it isn't difficult. The views from the col are simply amazing: the west the Treasure Lakes basin and surrounding peaks; to the east the incredible Inconsolable Range including the peak we bagged last week - Cloudripper. We really enjoyed the unique views of Chocolate Peak with it's fascinating geology and beautiful colors. We'll have to tag that peak top in the not too distant future.

On the trail to Treasure Lakes with Hurd Peak beyond

Nearly to Treasure Lakes

The lowest Treasure Lake

One of the upper Treasure Lakes with Hurd Col in the center

Hurd Col is in the center of the ridgeline above the lake

Looking back across the upper Treasure Lake as we start the ascent to the col

Some talus to cross

And some granite ramps to navigate

Looking down at the upper Treasure Lakes from the col

The Inconsolable Range to the east from the col. The Bishop Pass trail passes up the valley below

The highest peak in this view is Cloudripper

Looking back at the col after we found our way down

Margaret Lake and Cloudripper

Margaret Lake

Chocolate Peak and the unique geology

Hurd Peak from near Long Lake

Chocolate Peak and Cloudripper

Long Lake and Chocolate Peak


  1. I have been following your post for quite a while. Thank you for the excellent photos and narratives. I hiked parts of the Sierra from Owens peak north to Mammoth Lake region many years ago and your blog brings back many good memories. Thanks again, Ike Fujiwara.