Thursday, May 5, 2016


Day 30 - May 5
Mile: 553 to 565.5
up/down: 1400/3050 feet

Windmills. And more windmills. That's it. We slept by a windmill and walked through them all day. The sound they emanate is spooky, especially the slow moving really big ones. After a while it gets annoying and watching the blades spin for too long made me dizzy. 


Good friends Dan and Brenda met us at mile 558 as expected. After a quick snack and reloading water bottles, we were off on our final 8 miles sans packs. It was nice to knock out these miles in easy fashion. A couple hours later we were back in their car and headed to food in Mojave. FOOD! Thanks again Dan and Brenda!!


We're home now for a few days. We need the rest. I'll post one more time before we leave for the next section - the dryest 100 miles of the PCT. 

This sign was in the middle of nowhere. Good thing it was there! 😉

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