Wednesday, May 18, 2016

Home Turf

Day 42 - May 17 (Days 39-41 zero miles)
Mile: 651.5 to 669.5
up/down: 4250/4250 feet

We hiked today on trail that we've seen most of many times. The first 8 miles leads to the spur trail up Mt Jenkins, a regular training hike in the last year. Beyond was the summit of Owens Peak at 8500 feet, the highest in the Indian Wells Valley. Susan has summited Owens at least once in every calendar month. Needless to say this is home turf for us. Beyond Owens we descended the west side toward Canebrake Creek only to turn north and climb another ridge. Lamont Peak, another training hike, dominated the north view.

The early weather was wild and dramatic this morning. We hiked out of Walker Pass toward an incoming cell, got blown around a bit and sprinkled on with rain and hail for a while. 

Owens Peak 

Lamont Peak 

Our first possible water source in this section dried up literally last week so we had to push on to the next. We ended the day at Spanish Needle Creek and it's barely flowing water. There are two forks of the creek in this canyon and the usually "reliable" one was bone dry. Thankfully there is a trickle from a spring in the second fork and we have water for tonight and tomorrow. 

We have a new trip insect tonight, one we will be well acquainted with for the next few months - MOSQUITOS! And I haven't put bug spray in our packs yet! It's cool enough tonight to cover up with lots of clothes so the bugs aren't getting much blood from us. 

And we passed the 1/4 distance mark today at mile 662.5!



  1. The clouds, distant rain and sun peeking through sure make for some incredible and dramatic scenery shots. Though likely not super great for you guys we sure enjoy. Hey! ...everything has an upside right?

    1. And great accomplishment passing 1/4 way!