Friday, May 13, 2016

Walker Pass

Day 38 - May 13
Mile 638.5 to 651.5
up/down: 1150/2400 feet

New trip bird: Long-eared Owl (heard at dusk last night).

We are so fortunate with respect to the trail to live where we do. While other hikers, and there are a lot at this point, mill around and try and figure out what to do about Sierra entry, we kick back at home.

It was 13 miles to Walker Pass when we left camp this morning and our trail lead (Susan) must have had a bit of horse and barn action going. We knocked out the easy miles in under 5 hours. Trail Mom Terri was waiting (thank you!!) and whisked us away to the comforts of home. The weather looks dodgy this weekend so we will wait until Monday to do the Walker Pass to Kennedy Meadows 50 miles. The Sierra is waiting after that, with much snow and ice, but at this point we're in no hurry to commit. 



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