Tuesday, November 2, 2021

White Pocket (Day 2)

Our second day at White Pocket allowed us to get out early for the dawn light. It was quite beautiful to see everything again in a new way. We spent a couple hours poking around the main White Pocket feature before setting out for the next part of our day. 

We create our own pictographs, with shadows

We left the main feature area of the pocket for a stand-alone mesa about a half mile away. There was no plan beforehand other than circling around this feature to see it from all sides. As it turned out, we were able to get up quite high on the benches and traverse. The hiking was fantastic, stitching together the various edges, and staying just below the vertical walls. We even had lunch on a ledge overlooking some pretty remarkable views. Afterward, we descended the south nose of the mesa and headed for a few small feature out in the distance. We saw some things that few who spend all their time at the main White Pocket never view. Very cool. 

Our next destination

Getting down out of the main White Pocket feature

There were a number of balanced "table rocks" to be seen

Isn't sandstone erosion fascinating?

Susan named this Candy Cane Hoodoo, one of several off the beaten path features

This one got named the Wizard's Hat

Instead of driving out late, we stayed for sunset light which turned out to be better than the previous evening. 

Even though we left White Pocket early the next morning, there were still plenty of more adventures on our trip. Stay tuned!


  1. Yes! I love sandstone erosion features!! Endless beauty and wonder. Modern "pictographs" clever. The reflecting pool and your choice of timing are very well placed. Seems to be endless stunning places.