Thursday, November 18, 2021


Snowliage -- tourism's marketing slogan for the early snowfall covering the autumn leaves.  It is beautiful for the day it lasts. The bitter cold that follows is a deathknell for the high countries displays.  

These photos are of the day or two after the snowstorm and before the sixteen degree nights worked their powerful magic.  If you sing the Mamas and Papas California Dreamin', the line all the leaves are brown, is where the early cold snap leaves the leafs, as it were. Snow on leaves is lovely though while it lasts.

Bear footprints.

How it is going to end.

We actually went out into the storm, and took a few photos.  It was fun watching the squalls move in and out.  Once the storm hit in all its fury, we beat a hasty retreat.

A squall is moving in.

Look at the pretty snowflakes.

The leaves aren't enjoying this.

And a few photos from before the winter storm.  It was hard getting many photos with a mountain background as the smoke was thick most days.

The mountains are obscured by smoke.

And finally, a few photos from what most people consider the desert.  Yes, fall happens in the desert too.


  1. My heart sings to see all that fall color! Aspens galore in so many shades of colors. I love seeing it all. You captured the glory so well. Also the willows and cottonwoods. Green pine trees are a great compliment to the ravishing color.
    Of course, I always love to see snow on mountains and trees. Many stunning photos with the light just perfect. I had never seen the leaves in black until this year. Also beautiful.
    Thank you for the splendid tour.

  2. Oops, Not to forget the oak leaves.