Tuesday, October 29, 2019

Kenya - Maasai Mara

Sunset on the Mara
Continuing south we moved on to Maasai Mara National Reserve. This famous reserve is the northern most extension of the vast Serengeti Plain as it extends into Kenya from Tanzania. It is named for the Maasai people indigenous to the area. One of the world's greatest spectacles is the vast migration of wildebeast, zebra, gazelle, and other large antelope that move up and down the plain seasonally. We were at the wrong time to see any migration but there were still plenty of animals. And the birds were amazing as well, especially the grassland species. We spent parts of three days here driving the vast primitive road system through the park. As usual, it was a good time for all. 

eBird list 1
eBird list 2
eBird list 3

African Elephants in the grassland

The Mara 

Black-bellied Bustard

Black-winged Lapwing

African Buffalo



Common Zebra

Spotted Hyaena

Spotted Hyaena and Maasai Giraffe

African Lion

African Lion sex!

The happy couple

Maasai Giraffe

Maasai Giraffe

Many animals on the plain

Common Ostrich

Common Ostrich



Spotted Hyaena

Temminck's Courser




Yellow-throated Sandgrouse

Yellow-throated Sandgrouse
And flowers too!

This entry gets us almost caught up to real time. Next up is Mt Kilimanjaro country.

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