Saturday, November 24, 2018

Black Knob

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Friends Cynthia and Fred inspired this one and all it took was a photo of a petroglyph of big horn sheep.  Funny how that works.

Yin and Yang bighorn sheep

Black Knob

Black Knob sits between Pine Mountain and the Bald Mountain Fire Lookout and offers a fine view of Domelands Wilderness and Lunch Meadow (now that is a great name).

Bald Mountain

Lunch Meadow and Domelands

Pine Mountain

Our route had us weaving through the pines while we tried to follow contour lines.  This worked out remarkably well as the deer had created a fine network of trails.  Getting to the top is a scramble through the volcanic boulders. 

A section of the volcanic talus scramble
Looking back down the talus slope

Juniper berries and feeding robins and waxwings were in abundance.  Always a welcome addition to any hike.

One of many old junipers
A conifer grows from this large boulder. One way big rocks get turned into little rocks.

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