Thursday, August 10, 2017

Thousand Island Flowers

Hike Track Link (one way distance)

Susan saw a post about the flowers on the high trail from Agnew Meadow to Thousand Island Lake. We immediately planned an outing. We've hiked this trail many times and I've written about it before, but never in such perfect conditions for wildflowers. Some forest fire smoke came over the crest as we lunched at the lake but it wasn't too bad. Our usual route to make this a loop hike would have required us the ford the full fury of the San Joaquin River just below Garnet Lake but we didn't see the need. Returning on the same trail gave us another look at the flowers. Wow, just wow...

L-R, The Minarets, Mt Ritter, Banner Peak

The headwaters of San Joaquin River below Thousand Island Lake

Thousand Island Lake, Banner Peak (L), Mt Davis 


  1. Oh! The bounty of flowers and colors! The deep, deep purples, the bouquets!
    The abundance and variety! How gorgeous. Glad you wanted to go see and to share with us.