Tuesday, July 4, 2017

Lower Lamarck Lake

We headed to Lower Lamark Lake.  It was lovely.  And it was fun birding when we found a juvenile Northern Pygmy Owl being fed by an adult.  The juvenile gave a spaceship like trilling call.  The adult flew in and brought it a mouse which it took.  Then it seemed perplexed.  We watched and watched and it never ate it, perhaps it didn't yet know how.  It held it under its foot and called and called.  The adult didn't return to tear it up.  Growing up is hard.


  1. Wow. You saw NOPO up there. I wonder how high an elevation that they can breed? There are no oaks up there, at least from the (fantastic) photo.

  2. It was Limber and Lodgepole pine forest.

  3. Good info if you could provide elevation and miles of trek. Also county or near so and so would be wonderful to know.

    1. Inyo county at 10,000 feet elevation near Lamarck Lake. It's all in the hike teak link at the top of the post including an exact waypoint to the location.