Friday, July 14, 2017

Horseshoe Peak

Horseshoe Peak, now that is something you won't find on a map.  It is a local name for a high point by Mulkey Pass.  I went with the local hiking group and we split into two groups.  My group headed up to Trail Pass, then along the PCT to Mulkey Pass and up to the peak.  It was a lovely day.  Easy hiking and a good group.  We beat the thunderstorm back to the car, so we didn't need the raincoats we packed.

Our hiking crew.  Photo courtesy of Paul Decker.
Gina and Shawn

Langley.  Photo courtesy of Shawn Peters

Shawn, Gina and Bob Joy

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  1. So nice to be in the back country with you, Susan. The meadows of flowers are so beautiful! The ranks of firs, that lonely, rock-bound, courageous fir.
    I appreciate your sharing.