Saturday, February 15, 2020

Susan's Random Ridge

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A couple of years ago I went with Rachel when she headed out to monitor some desert tortoises.  Where she was going looked pretty boring to me, so I headed off to explore a random ridge that was off by itself in the middle of a big desert.  I only had time to explore half of it, but I had so much fun I vowed to go back and explore some more.  This time, we invited more folks along and made a hike of it.

Brian and Susan's Random Ridge

Rachel, Gina and Shawn

The whole gang.

Not much around it.

It is rather rocky walking

Amy and Dan

What was once a home.

Rachel wants a better look at the hole.

Checking out the views.

A "disco" ball in the desert.  Wonder what it really is.

Now Shawn is in a mine tunnel.

Susan's Random Ridge

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  1. So few humans have birded that location before. It is always great when data is submitted to eBird at seldom or never birded locations. But, how do you guys not run into nasty snakes when hopping around on those rocks? Clean living? Good breeding?