Sunday, July 8, 2018

Clouds Rest

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I did it!  Aw hahahahahaha!!!!!  Why should I be so excited, thrilled and disbelieving?  Because there is a narrow sketchy spot near the top that I never thought I'd be able to do with my fear of heights, and yet I did it!  Aw hahahahahaha!!!!!  And it is gorgeous, and I would do it again.

One of the views from the top, Half Dome and across the valley North Dome

So how did this come about?  I certainly didn't suggest the hike.  Our friend Hikin' Bill did, and Bob immediately seconded it.  I decided at the least I could get close, so I went with some trepidation.

The trail undulates with a steep rocky up and down in the middle.  We had a few nice patches of flowers along the way as well.  At about the halfway point some peek a boo views start showing.  Then finally, the top of Cloud's Rest hove into view.  It is a small rocky outcrop from this angle, not at all what it appears from across the valley.  It is all views from that point on.  In fact you can dance along a narrow granite ridge for a quarter of a mile.  I didn't do that.  I hung along the left edge, only getting on the ridge when I had to.  I held Bob's hand on the way up with a death grip that probably drained all the blood out of his fingers for days.  But on the way down, I did it all by myself!  How did I do this?  Because I suddenly became brave and unafraid of heights?  Not likely.  I just looked at my feet and nothing else until I was back in the dirt.  And I did it!  Aw hahahahahaha!!!!

The narrow sketchy ridge

Getting closer

And closer
Amazing views in all directions

Looking back down
Panorama from Half Dome to Tenaya Canyon

The Clark Range

Tenaya Lake

Yes, it is really steep on this side

Cathedral Peak

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