Thursday, January 25, 2018

Rodecker Peak

I headed out to fill an ebird gap.  I have a very nice five mile route with hardly any elevation gain, that was my plan.  As I got out of my car Bill F. pulled up and asked if I would like to climb Rodecker Peak.  I said sure, then I asked what is Rodecker Peak?  He said jump in the jeep I'll show you.  And we were off for a fun filled day of adventure. 

Rodecker Peak

We climbed Rodecker Peak, and had lovely views of Owen's Peak, Sawtooth Peak, Boulder Peak, Spanish Needle Peak, and Brown Peak. 

Spanish Needle Peak with I believe Lamont Point on the far right of the photo.

Spanish Needle with Rodecker Flats below.

Brown Peak is on Bill's right shoulder, the higher peak has no name.

Owen's Peak

Boulder Peak

Bill makes the summit

Next up, a look at some township survey markers while we searched for the contents of Bill's pack lost two days earlier.  Yes, we found them.  We also found five shed deer antlers during the day.

This is a township survey boundary marker.

And to top it off, an new arch, Elephant Trunk Arch.  I had no idea that this even existed.  What a glorious day.  Thanks Bill.

The view from the arch.  Yes, it really is that steep.
Elephant trunk arch is up near the top

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  1. Beautiful. Wonder how long it took you guys to climb it? Looks like a good place to find nasty snakes in the warmer months.