Monday, February 22, 2016

Exploring the Canebrake Creek Area (Susan)

Bird Lists:

The Sierra Club’s announcement grabbed our attention: 

Pictographs near Canebreak Rd: 2. Pt 6352, 1 mi W of saddle S of Lamont Mdw, 800 ft gain; 2.4 mi RT: and 3. Quartz Tower, 1.9 mi W of Lamont Mdw on Long Valley Rd, elev 5550 ft, 190 ft gain, .4 mi RT) A "Threefer" for February! We will explore to find the pictographs just W of the Canebrake Road.  Several colorful examples can be found among the boulders on an easy hike from the road.  We will then hike to the lunch spot, Pt 6352, with a fine view of Canebreak Flat.  This spot has the feel of a much visited "lookout."  After lunch, we will hike to the Quartz Tower, a spectacular single monolith of white quartz. This will be an easy day so y'all come! 

How could we refuse?  While they were all short little jaunts, we had put in about 9 miles by the end of the day.

We started by looking for “the birthing stone.”  Since we didn’t know exactly what we were looking for, or where it was, we wandered.  Bob found a lovely collection of grinding holes, but that was the best we could do.

Acorn grinding holes
Then we went to see the pictographs.  We found a rock with a few indistinct graphs, and then a beautiful panel.  Very nice.

Native American Pictographs

Up the road a bit further and off we went to Peak 6352, which leaves the Lamont trailhead parking area, but goes in the opposite direction.  Lamont Peak has a trail that goes straight up, and then you turn around and go straight down.  The Peak 6352 trail was made by cows.  They seem to have more sense than the humans that created the Lamont Peak trail, so we meandered up the easiest path available and eventually made it to the top.  It was a fine spot to have lunch with views in all directions.

Summit of Peak 6532

Southwest view to Piute and Breakenridge Mountains, Canebrake Creek, and Kern River Valley

View east to Lamont Peak
Northwest to Domeland Wilderness and Kern Plateau

Birds are starting to sing and we were serenaded by Bewick’s Wrens, California Thrashers, and Mountain Quail.  We also had a Western Bluebird carrying nesting material, and a fly by Golden Eagle.

We finished the day by heading up to a quartz tower.  We had viewed it across the valley on our way down from Peak 6352, now we walked the short trail to have a close up view.  From across the valley it was a small shining white spot.  Up close, it was a big shining white column.  Interesting geology and a fine way to end a beautiful day.


  1. All the photos are great, but the "Southwest view to Piute and Breakenridge Mountains, Canebrake Creek, and Kern River Valley" photo is stunning. And, doing 9 miles is a great day for most mortals.

  2. Nice, very nice. Keep'm coming Mr and Mrs Retired folks.